Takashi Tajima is the world's rarest tambourine player.
He is in the limelight by playing the sounds of drum sets, the sounds of all kinds of percussion, and the original tambourine that can play scales and melodies.
He is also the only player who can play all the tambourine and frame drums that exist around the world.

He has mastered keyboard instruments, wind instruments, stringed instruments and percussion instruments since childhood, and was also composing music from an early age.
He used own experience to construct his original playing methods and instruments, and expressed music with an unprecedented methodology.
One day he made a special tambourine....pitch bend of two octaves or more, snare system and jingles control.....etc
Its tambourine have the sound of a drum set and a variety of other percussion instruments, and furthermore got a scale and melody.
He held a solo recital with using original tambourine and world frame drums.
On the other hand, he works with various musicians, including jazz, baroque music, rock, classical music, tango, European folk music and Japanese classical music.
He has classrooms to learn frame drums of around the world, and also has workshops for create the Portuguese frame drum "adufe".
And he is a member of various Festival, including The World Frame Drum Festival "Tamburi Mundi".
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